Hello and welcome to another great year at Oak Bay.  Please complete the two tasks below.  It will only take a minute and will enable us both to support your child in class!

Task 1: Preferred Parent Contact Information* 
Science 9 Discovery      Click Here
Biology 11 (Blk 5)          Click Here
Biology 11 (Blk 6)          Click Here
Marine Biology 12        Click Here
Biology 12 (Blk 8)          Click Here
Biology 12 (Blk 4)          Click Here
Biology 12 (Blk 3)          Click Here
*I will keep you updated on lab assignments and upcoming tests.  This will occur weekly/biweekly.
TASK 2: Student Science History 
Please fill out the Parent intake form so that I can keep you up to date with your child’s progress.